Who we are

Beto Madureira Ed Hardy

The accumulated experience since 1984, accompanied by significant portfolio, allows Beto Madureira Architecture (BMA) to create and  perform projects with refined lasting drawings, in tune with the market and with the best value for money to its clients.

The accurate and creative Beto Madureira´s drawing has always made the difference. This expertise, aligned with excellence in projects achievement, guarantees the success of the ventures which he runs and controls.

 BMA has detailed control of the budget   and processes of the construction execution , presented  with total transparency to its clients. Acts in different scales in its accomplishments – large, medium and small size – to produce projects that are inspiring to its users, with perfect integration among the carried interventions and their surroundings. Architecture with harmony among the project, its external ambience and the audience   that will serve.

BMA believes in the power of its plural and democratic drawing as a solution to the challenges to be achieved. Each project must be the result of a reflection about its program, client and context, to define its specific features without being attached to preset styles or models. Our goal is the excellence in the architectural drawing, starting from  creative diversity , dialogue with the client, program and context, where the ideas are the engine of the project.

Growing, Beto Madureira Architecture owns offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Florence, Italy.