BMA Office


One of the successes of the implemented model by Beto Madureira Arquitecture is conciliating the knowledge of the Architecture with the process of constructing.

 BMA runs with excellence, quality and control of the whole process. From competition to hiring; from management to performance; from on time  delivery to client satisfaction; from diverse services and used materials to the construction or renovation of a property.

 BMA sets up competition of diverse civil services, electric, hydraulics, telephony, logic, sawmill, plaster, carpentry, air conditioning, sprinklers, lighting, audio and video, etc.

Estimates, hires and controls all the logistic of the delivery of the materials in the construction.

Regarding to the deadlines (Construction Schedule), the best prices and market practices.  

To the Client, complete transparency!

The Management System of BMA allows us to follow all the steps of the construction through the Schedule, besides providing a Weekly report, that publishes all the daily expenses of the construction, with single and total values, by supplier, material, workforce. It has always a consolidated and individual view.

The client may suggest suppliers, that will be incorporated, after an assessment of their technical capacity, according to Beto Madureira Architecture standard.

All following the agreed , with the controls at the client´s disposal.




A. The Engineering Department generates, weekly, the Material Purchase Orders, after visiting the Constructions. Simultaneously, releases the payment of the Workforce installment according to the Construction Schedule

A1. The Responsible Architect of the Construction authorizes the purchase of the materials and the payment of the Workforce installment, if it is according to the Construction Schedule.  

B. The Purchase Department carries out 3 quotations to buy materials and also assists the Engineering Department in the quotation and hiring of the Workforce. The Coordination of the process is done by the Responsible Architect of the Construction.

B1. The Purchase Department coordinates and controls the delivery and the inspection of the acquired materials in the constructions.

B2. The Engineering Department withdraws  “ Checked” stamped invoices  in the constructions and send to the Purchase Department.

C. The Purchase Department feeds the system that generates the Bordero of Payments to be sent to the Client, with a minimum 10-day- due date. Together with the Bordero of Payments, the following Reports of Expenses Control are sent:

  1. Construction Cash Flow
  2. Report of the Construction Expenses per materials and Workforce
  3. Report of the Construction Expenses per suppliers

C1. The Purchase Department sends the Bordero of Payments and the Reports of the Construction to the Administrative Department, that checks all values, payments and reports, before being sent to the Client.

D. The Purchase Department sends , weekly, to the Client´s address , an envelope which contains:

  1. Bordero of Payments
  2. Reports ( Cash Flow and Reports of Constructions Expenses)