Architect Beto Madureira

Beto Madureira is an architect who is graduated  at PUC-Campinas-SP.

He has specialized in implementing his knowledge in drawing and architecture to develop  countless projects in various scales, from industrial to residential, never missing a detail, and with pleased clients who have expanded  the projection of his brand and his projects.

 Just after  3 years of his graduation, his office had already projected and performed the constructions for the renowned brand  GEROT, besides 17 stores for  WORKOUT  in  malls like  Iguatemi, Ibirapuera, among others in Brazil.

Believing in his  motto: “We make the client enter in your store!”, Beto Madureira has, among his expertises, the view of the needs of the business in his projects.

The shoe chain  CNS (Companhia Nacional de Sapatos) was conceived from a Beto´s Project: the revitalization of the windows of  LUIGI CALÇADOS , downtown São Paulo in 1987. Then, the first standardization of language project of CNS – Ibirapuera Mall was born. This winning approach has expanded to other brands like: Norah, Focco, Real Bakery, Ed Hardy, Autopass, Xuxa Meneghel Foundation, Censo, SP Urbanuss, among others.

 PATEO MARIA ANTONIA, a   food court next to the  Mackenzie University, represents the beginning of the projects in the food and entertainment field. Following, REAL CONVENIENCIA BAKERY, in  Sorocaba-SP, which has constructed more units with Beto Madureira. From then, more projects have come, like: VERA CRUZ BAR in São Bernardo do Campo-SP and  VILA COUNTRY – Estância Alto da Serra-SP.

In  the capital of São Paulo, we highlight: SENZALA BAR & GRILL – Panamericana Square, LIQUID LOUNGE on Helio Pellegrino Avenue, ESQUINA DA MPB – BRAHMA BAR, on the corner of Ipiranga and São João avenues, and the new SENZALA RESTAURANT.

In the automotive sector,  Beto Madureira has executed projects to the brands  Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jaguar and Land Rover.

The townhouses are a separate chapter in the architect´s path. The diverse approaches, rich in details and solutions, go from the implantation in the soil to illumination, landscaping, use of new technologies, colors and comfort. Ambiances full of light, cosy and functional spaces. There are hundreds of projects for housing, country houses, beach houses and other possibilities developed and implemented by the architect´s office.

As Beto defines his mission: “I adore drawing for a challenge”.